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Spiders: Could They Actually Be Good for Your Home?
Posted By: Daniel Mackie

The most common creature-based phobia in the world is arachnophobia – the fear of spiders and other eight-legged crawlers such as scorpions. One look at these creepy, scary bugs and it’s no wonder why: they spread their webs everywhere, skitter around on their hairy feet, and are part of your darkest nightmares.


When spiders begin to infest a home, people will often take any means necessary to get them out as quickly as possible. However, unlike other destructive and disease-infested pests such as termites and rodents, spiders aren’t as bad for your home as you might think. In fact, they can actually help control pests and prevent the spread of diseases they carry in your home. Following are some of the key benefits that spiders provide for homeowners, and several




reasons why the occasional eight-legged guests might be one of your best natural defenses against invasive pests.


Spiders: The Natural Way to Pest Control


What makes pests such a nuisance is they are incredibly difficult to discover and even harder to kill.

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How to Avoid a PR Pest Nightmare in Your Restaurant or Hotel
Posted By: Daniel Mackie

As a restaurateur or hotel manager, happy customers are your life blood.  With happy customers comes good




reviews, and with good reviews comes more business.  In order to ensure the success of your business, you must go the extra mile to make sure every patron has an enjoyable experience without any missteps. The problem is that these two industries provide a very personal service where people demand perfection.  Even the smallest error in the service they receive can leave a bad taste in their mouth and leave your business under scrutiny.  Of these errors, one of the worst offenders is pests.


Imagine you are eating a fine meal at a restaurant and you notice a rat scurry across the floor.  Even if the meal was one of the best you’ve ever had, would you ever return to that restaurant or recommend it to your friends?  The same goes for a hotel stay. 

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7 Ways to Treat a Bed Bug Infestation
Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: Bed Bug | Pest Control



Bed bugs have become an increasing epidemic in cities across the U.S and Canada.  One reason for this increase is how easy it is for them to enter your home unnoticed.  They can hide in your luggage after travel, latch on to your clothes as you go about your day, or enter on that second hand couch you just bought. Once they enter your home the reproduction begins, which if gone unnoticed can lead to an infestation.


The problem is that bed bugs are very small and difficult to detect and even more difficult to exterminate without professional assistance.  Over time, more and more bed bugs will reside in your home until you begin to notice little bite marks covering your body.  The good news is there are plenty of professional services and home remedies you can use to get rid of bed bugs once they enter your home. 

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5 Ways to Avoid Invasive Pests This Holiday Season
Posted By: Daniel Mackie

The holiday season is a time filled with decorating, music, and spending time with family. It’s a time when we come together to give thanks and show our appreciation for the friends and family in our lives. However, it’s also a time when pests are looking to infest your home. During the holidays, our homes are filled with food, warmth, and Christmas trees, making them an ideal nesting place for invasive pests. The fastest way to ruin a holiday gathering is seeing rodents, insects, and mites scurry through your home as your family sits down for dinner or opens presents. In order to maintain the holiday spirit without inviting unwanted guests, follow these simple tips to keep invasive pests out this winter.



Inspect Your Christmas Tree


There are more than 20 types of insects that can come into your home with your Christmas tree, including aphids, bark beetles, mites, bark lice, and spiders.

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5 Common DIY Pest Control Mistakes Homeowners Make
Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: Pest Control

There is a variety of DIY treatments homeowners can perform to prevent pests this winter. Whether your home is infested with rats, ants, bed bugs, or bees, simple prevention and treatment options are available that homeowners can do on their own.


However, the average homeowner is not an expert on pest control and often makes simple errors that render their DIY treatments useless. If you notice invasive pests entering your home this winter and want to try to treat them on your own, be sure to avoid these five common DIY mistakes.



Bed Bugs


Few other invasive pests are as nightmare-inducing to homeowners as bed bugs. The idea that these pests are sleeping in your bed and feeding on you at night is enough to give even the bravest of souls the chills. Due to this extreme aversion to bed bugs, many home owners, take drastic and irrational measures to treat them on their own, often involving throwing away any piece of furniture that might be infected.

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