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Organic Pest Control: The Best Pest-Repelling Plants to Have in Your Garden
Posted By: Daniel Mackie

Toronto Organic Pest Control


If you’re at constant war with pesky creatures assaulting your garden all year long, you shouldn’t immediately reach out for pesticides, even the certified organic varieties (which are neither more effective in pest control nor have a smaller ecological footprint). Instead, you should consider adding certain plants to your garden or backyard to encourage biodiversity and attract beneficial insects that make it their mission to clean your garden of pests and critters.


Nature is filled with good insects whose diet consists primarily of damaging garden pests. Commonly referred to as “beneficials,” they feed on aphids, mites, flies, and other insects that attack plants, being an excellent pest control method, both environmentally safe and free of cost. But in order for these native helpers to solve your bug issues, they need a favorable habitat to thrive, one that meets their requirements of shelter, moisture, food, and alternative prey.

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