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Lyme Disease

Summer Sun, Outdoor Fun, and Lyme Disease: Is Outside Playtime Over in Canada?
Posted By: Daniel Mackie


Lyme Disease in Canada - A Misrepresented, Misconception Plagued Reality


There’s no better time than summer to enjoy the great outdoors, go camping, start gardening – or get bitten by nasty pests. Mosquitoes, bees and wasps, flies, ants, and other creepy crawlies all become more active in warm weather, taking out the fun of summer for many Canadians and prompting them to be constantly on alert.


But while most of summer pests are no more than an annoying nuisance, and their irritating presence can be effectively managed with simple measures, one category is downright dangerous. The blood-sucking, disease-carrying ticks are currently at their highest rate across Canada, becoming prevalent even in areas that were once considered low-risk, and putting all Canadians at greater risk of contacting the infamous Lyme disease.


Lyme Disease in Canada: A Misrepresented, Misconception-Plagued Reality


5 Ways to Escape the Tick Invasion


Most Canadians regard Lyme disease as a very rare, difficult-to-get illness that only affects hikers who get bitten by ticks after venturing into deep woods.

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