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toronto: 416.998.9473

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Bed Bug Control in Toronto


A bed bug infestation is not something to take lightly. If you suspect that bed bugs have taken up residence in your home or place of business, don’t worry. GreenLeaf Pest Control has an expert team to handle bed bug control for Toronto clients. In addition to our in-depth knowledge of bed bug characteristics and behaviour, we have extensive experience removing and exterminating bed bugs using eco-friendly, non-toxic approaches.


The Bed Bug

Less than a quarter of an inch long, bed bugs can easily hide during the day, retreating into dark, protected crevices of bed frames, under folds of fabric, or within the seams of mattresses. Considered the “vampires of the insect world,” bed bugs feed on sleeping hosts, usually at night. For better access to food, they prefer to remain within close proximity of their hosts, living in clusters in bedrooms or sofas.


Bed bug bites are typically painless but have been known to cause reactions of varying severity, including rashes. Their presence can agitate both humans and pets and can cause stress, insomnia, and anxiety. They are more than a nuisance in a home — and a potential business hazard in the hospitality industry.


Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers and can travel from place to place with the help of an unwitting host. If an individual makes contact with an infested piece of furniture or upholstery, for example, the insects can hitch a ride to a new location on that person’s clothes, luggage, or other belongings. In buildings with multiple rooms, bed bugs can move around, expanding the perimeter of their infestation and causing trouble for apartment owners and hotels.


The good news is that you do not have to put up with their presence. Though bed bugs are incredibly difficult for a novice to detect and eliminate, our team can find them with pinpoint accuracy. Then, we’ll rid you of the problem with a safe, non-toxic approach.


Professional Bed Bug Control

GreenLeaf Pest Control offers effective bed bug control solutions for Toronto homes and businesses. We employ a variety of environmentally-friendly tactics that are safe for both people and pets. We will help restore your peace of mind and keep your company running without costly shutdowns. Call us today for a free consultation at (416) 998-9473.